Days like these…

There are some days that should rather just not happen. This sounds rather dramatic- I know, but really, I should have just stayed in bed.

Getting to school, on some occasions, has been a fun experience. My second day at my new job was particularly one for the books. At that stage we had one car to share between Simon and I. It wasn’t even our car, it was a friend’s car affectionately called “Blue.” Back to my story- day two of work. We were early on day one, and I made Simon wait in the car with me until it was an appropriate time to go into the building. You know, not too early, but not late. So day two arrived and we decided to leave ten minutes later. What a bad idea! We got stuck in traffic. Simon and I looked at the GPS and I was going to be late for work.

I never had anyones number. I couldn’t get in touch with anyone. Even if I could get in touch with someone, what would I say? “Hi sorry, it’s Genna, the new girl. I know it’s only my second day of work, but I’m going to be late.” Yeah, that wasn’t really an option. So we looked at each other and the GPS said that it was going to take us twenty minutes to drive the remaining two kilometres. We weren’t too confident in this ETA. We hadn’t moved in twelve minutes.

Two kilometres- I can do that. The GPS says that the road is mainly flat. I got out of the car in the middle of traffic and I walked.

As I got further away from Simon, who was still stuck in the traffic, someone hooted at me. It was a teacher from the school and I waved and said that we were stuck in traffic and I was going to walk. She smiled and waved. I looked down at my GPS and realised the road I was walking on was called “Hill Road.” I can tell you that it was called Hill road for a jolly good reason. A couple of hundred metres down the road, I sent Simon a voice note saying how I regretted the decision to get out and walk.

I carried on walking, after all I wasn’t going to turn around and climb back into Blue and admit defeat. Besides, if I didn’t carry on at a decent pace I was going to be late. The GPS said I was two hundred metres away from school, and my friendly college who hooted at me earlier drove past me. It turns out that if I had been patient I could have made it to school in Blue and not be all sweaty and out of breath.

Fast forward to day fourteen of school. It was our first rainy day. I was now on the school whatsapp group and was warned about the traffic before I left. Simon and I now each have our own cars, and so getting out and walking was not an option. I was going to outsmart the traffic on the usual route and follow the GPS on a different route to school. I climbed in my car and was quite chuffed with myself.

Simon checked before I left the house and it said that I was going to drive over the motorway and not on the motorway. However the GPS instructed me to turn left and I landed on a motorway. I thought that traffic must have backed up on the road it had originally chosen for me and I was now on a new route to school. A kilometre and a half later I exited the motorway and was fairly confident I knew the area I was driving in. A few minutes down the road I was instructed to turn left. I turned left.

I was on a motorway again. A kilometre and a half later I exited the motorway. Strange. I could have sworn that the exit that I took the second time around was called the same exit as the previous one. I carried on, and things seemed familiar.

A few minutes down the road I was instructed to turn left. I turned left and I was on the motorway. Yup! The very same motorway where one and a half kilometres later I would take the exit again and would be instructed to turn left. I was convinced that I would outsmart the GPS and somehow magically not land up on the same motorway. I carried on driving. By now the traffic was pretty rough and before I knew it I had no other option to turn left and land up on the very same motorway.

I called Simon in a nervous giggle saying that I was lost. I was stuck in a loop and couldn’t get out. He had fortunately been stuck in the same loop a couple of days prior and told me to avoid the slipway going left and make a left turn rather. In the rain, with traffic getting worse and with the possibility of being even later than I already was I had no other option but to giggle and avoid turning left at all costs. I looked at the GPS and to avoid the possibility of going left I took a different road altogether.

That was just the start of day fourteen. It ended with me burning the supper. Like I said, I probably should have just stayed in bed. Here’s hoping that day fifteen is a success.

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